• Lidia Varesco Racoma

    Art Director & Designer
    at Lidia Varesco Design in Chicago, IL

    Available Freelance

    I hire – Freelance: Web developers, copywriters, photo retouchers

    I love to teach: Design, branding and marketing basics for small businesses and nonprofits
    I mentor nice people

  • Alison Becker

    Senior Creative Recruiter
    at Starpoint Solutions in Boston, MA

    Not Available

    I hire – Freelance: Visual AD's, Copywriters, UX Designers, UX Developers, Graphic Designers, Art Directors,

  • Josh Blank

    Founder and CEO
    at InFLow in New York, NY

    Not Available

    I hire

  • Keith Whitmer

    Designer / Creative Director
    at Self Employed in New York City, NY

    Available Freelance or Fulltime

    I hire – Freelance: photographer, developer, programmer, editor, director, printer

  • Ivy Ronquillo

    Recruiter and Creative Manager
    at Agent Ivy in New York, NY

    Available Freelance

    I hire

  • Manny Hernandez

    Content Manager
    at TBWA in New York City, NY

    Available Fulltime

    I hire – Fulltime: Designer, Motion graphics designer, community manager

  • Emily Riddle

    Creative Recruiter
    at Anomaly and AKQA in New York , NY

    Not Available Freelance

    I hire

  • Lilu Odedra

    Director of Resources
    at Propane Studio in San Francisco, CA

    Not Available

    I hire

  • Rob Marano

    CTO & distributed systems architect
    at Totem Power in New York City, NY

    Not Available

    I hire – Freelance: Engineers (EE/Electronics, ME, CE, Power Systems), Java, Python, React.js, Apache Spark, Spring Framework, Graphic Arts

    I love to teach: Big Data systems development; machine learning; distributed systems development; computer architecture; systems management design; Java; Python
    I mentor nice people

  • Nicole Heussner

    Senior Associate
    at Russell Tobin

    Not Available

    I hire